The board

Today, the board is routed, and I am waiting for the PCB to be delivered. The 160x100mm is a little dense and I couldn’t realize this PCB myself (too many vias).

However, the board lives on a breadboard, which has allowed debugging the hardware issues.

Updated June 25th 09 : The board is now completed on a PCB. The PCB was made by Olimex. To keep a size of 160x100mm, the debug LEDs have been removed, but a connector for extension has been added. Assembling the board went smoothly, except for the 74LS73 (or HCT version), where Protel 99 had a bug in its library and swapped Vcc and ground. This resulted in a dead part (I had current limiting, but that didn’t suffice !) and a desoldering session to replace the bad part with a socket.